Erskine Falls

If you know me, then you'll know that I'm always eager to get out of the house for an adventure! I can never refuse getting on the road and spending a day outdoors in the sunshine, especially when it involves a drive along The Great Ocean Road. I often try to take friends to places they've never experienced before, so when my friends Aleesha and Kylie told me they had never visited Erskine Falls in Lorne, I was quick to decide that this was the destination we had to visit. Unfortunately, this place can get overcrowded with people very easily because it's a well known waterfall where a lot of tourists and locals visit constantly. But that didn't stop us - we got up close to the waterfall, sat and admired its beauty and explored its surroundings for a while, then headed back into Lorne for shopping, then to my favourite Burger shop Bottle Of Milk to enjoy and burger and a beer before heading back home. We had an early morning start and made our deadline to get back home by 3:00pm, it was a successful, short escape from the city that left us feeling rejuvenated for the rest of the day.