Erin & Tim's Wedding

11 March 2017

It was truly a pleasure to be a part of this wedding, assisting my good friend Jess Brohier in capturing Erin & Tim's special day on film.

Jess and I arrived in the afternoon to Park Hyatt Hotel where the bride was getting ready. I couldn't help but notice Erin looking especially elegant in her wedding gown, completely unable to hide the excitement radiating across her face.

Tim & Erin met before the ceremony instead of traditionally meeting down the aisle. They explained, this way any nerve is completely illuminated during the wedding because you're within the comfort of each other beforehand. It also allows them to fully take in the experience of their own wedding, focusing on everyone's expressions during the ceremony, instead of just their own. I like the idea of this because after all, you want to remember these special moments for a lifetime, especially all the people you invited to take part on celebrating your big day together.

The ceremony was held at The Conservatory in Fitzroy Gardens, which I consider an absolute dream of a venue. I was so in awe of everything. The bride and groom had truely been blessed with the most beautiful weather and setting for their wedding, with an intimate ceremony full of friends and family, amongst all the gorgeous flowers and greenery. To top it all off, my friend Sam O'brien played Coming Home by Leon Bridges so beautifully that almost had me in tears.

The reception was held at the Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond, there I watched the newly weds surrounded in a room full of loving, dancing and happy drunk guests. What a perfect way to celebrate the start of the rest of these two lives together.

Thank you for having me on your special day, Erin & Tim Lambert <3