On an Autumn day...

My previous post shows my morning with two talented boys taking press shots for their band, Venus Court. My day afterwards consisted of wandering around the north inner-city suburbs of Melbourne, finishing off my last roll of film and catching up with my dear friend Libby visiting from Brisbane. Once I'd finished with the press shots, I set off on foot to meet my friend in Abbotsford. I love walking but I feel like I don't set enough time aside to do it these days, so it was nice having some alone time for a good hour, exploring the beautiful Autumn day

Melbourne was delivering.

Libby and I met at the cafe Au79 in Abbotsford which had recently opened a few weeks ago. I'd been so eager to check it out and oh my, it certainly didn't disappoint! The size of the place is phenomenal, everything from the interior design to the presentation of the food had blown both of us away. It was the perfect place for us to reunite and catch up. Libby and I ate the yummiest granola and sat inside for hours, admiring our surroundings and catching up on each others lives.

All in all I had such a beautiful day, enjoying a rare Autumn day in Melbourne where we could feel the warmth of the sun on our faces, with a sky as blue as ever. 

Please enjoy this little series of photos and a favourite little tune of mine to go along with it <3