Splendour In The Grass 2016

July 23, 2016
Zach and I were on our way to Melbourne Airport to make an excruciatingly early flight at 6:00am. We were running on only two hours sleep each after Zach's band Dream on, Dreamer played a show the night before, so we were feeling pretty exhausted at this point. I had a brief nap on the plane and took full advantage of the free coffee and food in Virgin Lounge, by the time our lift picked us up from Gold Coast Airport I was feeling revitilised and the excitement for the weekend ahead had kicked in. Just a few pit stops along the way, a dip in the water at Brunswick Heads and we were on our way to Ocean Shores to the Airbnb.

Meet the crew! A big thanks to Zach and Mads for bringing us all together and creating our big Splendour family. We had the perfect mash of people and in return this is what made the weekend as great as it was. Not everyone is pictured here but these are a few of the legends I shared the Airbnb with. At first I only knew Zach and Mads but got to know everyone pretty quickly after we started drinking together and exchanging stories, never have I felt more comfortable surrounding myself with so many new people. 

"Mads punch in the face"
1 bottle of vodka, 1 bottle of champagne, 1 bottle of Little Fat Lamb (or ginger beer), 1 Golden Circle Sunshine punch, frozen blackberries, 1 passionfruit and 1 orange.

While the others stayed back at the Airbnb, I ventured into Splendour on my own trying to make the most of the last day. We stayed at the Airbnb for majority of the day before and didn't end up going in until it was late, so I was excited to see the festival while the sun was still out. For a few hours I wandered around taking photos, watched a couple of bands play and bumped into some familiar faces on the way.

July 24, 2016
The weather was glorious, it was a pleasant change compared to Melbourne's cold and I'm glad we didn't waste a moment of the sunshine. Before heading into the festival we all kicked back, got boozy and enjoyed a picnic in the sun. Mads made punch which turned out to be the most magnificent and strongest concoction of ingredients I'm yet to experience. 


Libby and I were holding hands and swaying side by side to Sigur Rós. We were too small to see ahead of the people in front of us, so instead of struggling to try and see we just closed our eyes and listened. This was my first time hearing them and I was blown away by them - afterwards I opened my eyes and Libby and I looked at each other with the biggest grins on our faces, both amazed with what we'd just experienced. 

This photo was taken on my point and shoot. At the time I took it, I had just raised my camera high and hoped for the best, but it wasn't until I got my roll of film developed that I realised I caught this random person throwing their arms in the air. 

Another favourite performance of mine was James Blake. From the top of the hill we watched thousands of people tightly packed around the stage, gently swaying and singing along to his angelic voice. I took this photo during "Love Me In Whatever Way" - I was waiting to snap the perfect moment and as the stage lit up at its brightest throughout the whole of his performance, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to snap this photo.

Overall my first Splendour experience exceeded all expectations and it all started from booking an impromptu flight to Queensland and our questionable method of entry into the festival. I owe it all to these two, Zach and Mads - I'm so appreciative to have spent this quality time together with the both of you. Thanks for introducing me to so many great people along the way and helping to create memories to last a lifetime, I returned home with a heart so full and my cheeks sore having been smiling for so long. I love you guys <3

Photos taken using my Pentax K1000 & Olympus mju-ii